HBPress Writing Guide: Concept

I know I’m a bit late in getting this segment of the guide posted. I had some trouble with files and I actually lost this post and the next post (I try to pre-write them). So then I had to rewrite them and I’ve actually been busy working on my own book so it’s takenContinue reading “HBPress Writing Guide: Concept”

HBPress Writing Guide: The Idea – Pt. 2

In the previous installment (click here if you missed it) we discussed where your idea should come from (write what you love). That seems kind of vague and that’s understandable. What do you love? Probably like most people there are a lot of things you love. The question you have to ask yourself is whatContinue reading “HBPress Writing Guide: The Idea – Pt. 2”

HBPress Writing Guide: The Idea – Pt. 1

Ask any group of writers what the hardest part of writing is and you’ll get several different answers. One will tell you it’s editing, another character creation, another finding time to write. Very few will give you an honest answer because most of them have already gotten past the struggle of the new writer. SoContinue reading “HBPress Writing Guide: The Idea – Pt. 1”