Smoke In The Stars

This anthology features 20 short stories, pieces of flash fiction, and poems from authors spanning across the globe. Each tale will take you from one bit of space to the next, weaving from dead bodies on an ice covered planet to children scavenging for food on a derelict ship. Each tale is sure to spark your imagination!

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The anthology is available for Kindle, as well as in paperback and hardcover formats. The link below will take you to the appropriate Amazon purchase page for your region.

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Chaotic Realms

The Dark Mage Chronicles

Dearic Thyne is the adopted son of the King of Brivan. Also the King’s top investigator, he is tasked with hunting down a killer in order to stop a war, but this leads to a wider world of discovery of who, and what, he is, and ultimately a confrontation with his estranged uncle: the Dark Mage himself. Find out if he can save the realm of Amarand or not in this three book trilogy.

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