Smoke In The Stars is now available for pre-order in Kindle format on Amazon. Click here for a link to your appropriate Amazon store for the preorder: CLICK ME. Both a paperback and hardcover format will be available soon. I’ve ordered proof copies of them for review, but the printing process is a bit slowContinue reading “Pre-Order”

Production Update

The final process of formatting the book for print and ebook is nearly completed at this point. By the end of this week, contributors and crowdfund backers will receive their digital copies. The print version of the book is being uploaded to LuLu and then a proof will be ordered. The same will happen withContinue reading “Production Update”

Final Selections

The final selection process is well under way for “Smoke In The Stars.” We currently have 11 offers accepted and a few more pending. Tonight the last of the offers will be sent out for the poems we intend to accept. We are looking at a rough total of 45,000 words for the entirety ofContinue reading “Final Selections”

Submissions Closed

We have reached the deadline for submissions for “Smoke in the Stars.” To everyone who submitted: thank you and you will hear from us soon! To those who didn’t submit: watch for updates here on the status of the upcoming crowdfund for the anthology. We will do additional anthologies in the future, so always beContinue reading “Submissions Closed”

Submissions Update

We are still taking submissions until 11:59pm MT on 6/18. As of right now we have accepted two submissions: “Silent Night” by Rhiannon Lotze “Memory Release” by Joshua Grasso We have received 30 submissions, read 14, made offers to 3 (one was not accepted) and rejected 2. Still a lot more work to do!

Submission Call!

A submission call for our inaugural anthology is now live! You can find more information here: LINK. We are looking for short stories, poetry, and flash fiction in the science fiction and science fantasy genre. Stories up to 6000 words will be considered! The focus of the story is on space adventures and misadventures eitherContinue reading “Submission Call!”


Hey everyone! We have now opened up a Merchandise shop! You can get branded clothes, masks, water bottles, and other items. We will be adding further design/layout options for the clothes soon. Check the link at the top of the page or follow this link: Merch Store.


One dreary, March morning I stood on my rustic, unstained front porch back in Michigan. Across the road from me was a blueberry field that had been cut the year before. It was common to see animals passing through it, so it came as no surprise to me when I noticed a possum meandering backContinue reading “Beginning~”

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