One dreary, March morning I stood on my rustic, unstained front porch back in Michigan. Across the road from me was a blueberry field that had been cut the year before. It was common to see animals passing through it, so it came as no surprise to me when I noticed a possum meandering back and forth. Probably he was looking for grubs because it was too early for berries.

We were in the process of preparing to move to South Dakota and I was taking an early morning break to enjoy the cool weather. As I did, I started thinking about more of my dreams than just moving westward. One such dream was starting my own small press. I’d seen many do it and fail for various reasons, but I knew I could do it if I put my mind to it. Plus I had been reading John Maxwell and there was some advice in there that if you put off your dreams, chances are you’ll never see them realized.

After moving I decided it was time to make that dream a reality, so here we are. Pretty soon we’ll be announcing our first anthology call for submission and the rest will be history!

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